Monday, June 01, 2009

Guilford's Most Wanted

Readers of the News & Record are quite familiar with one of the N&R's Monday features: Guilford County's Most Wanted. Usually there are a couple of sullen male faces looking menacingly from the page with a paragraph about their offenses; a short bio and their last known address. I'm pretty sure that the N&R has taken some heat because so many of the people featured here are black. So today it was somewhat of a surprise to see this pretty blond girl looking calmly from the page.

Apparently, just being a pretty blond girl is not enough to shield you from life's slings and arrows because Tabatha Garner has taken a lot of lumps in her 30 years and who, despite her outward appearance is no angel. One has to wonder what "Chuck", the name tattooed on her foot, had to do with her downfall. Was he responsible for the "scars on her buttocks, arms and stomach"?

She has probably made a living from suckers like me who see a pretty blond and think: she can't be bad looking the way she does, can she? I guess the guys whose credit cards she was found with or the girl whose license she had (and who she tried to pass herself off as to the cops) learned their lessons.

So mamas, I hope you show Tabatha's picture to your boys and remind them that beauty is only skin deep and sometimes not even that.