Monday, October 20, 2008

Sarah's Next Career

I was among the 14 million who watched the October 18 telecast of SNL with Sarah Palin. Obviously, with her current schedule, she couldn't do much rehearsing so the skits that involved her didn't require her to say many lines. What lines she did have, she delivered well. The Palin rap with Amy Poeler was the highlight of the show and may be the best thing they've done all season.

What occurred to me the next day was what her appearance on the show meant. Despite all her rhetoric, she has no illusions that McCain/Palin is going to win the day in November. She is not a stupid woman. SNL has been vigorously satirizing her candidacy and the Palin Rap made fun of her and the ticket she's on. She is, however, an ambitious woman and the opportunity she's been given needs to be milked for all it's worth. Whether it's in politics or entertainment, the next time we Sarah Palin she will have landed on her feet and the future will be looking mighty bright for her.

Just as there is a Fox News for the conservative "side" of the issues, Sarah might become the Fox News equivalent of "Ellen" or "Oprah." After all, her degree is in communications and Lord knows, entertainment both pays better and is a lot more fun than politics.