Thursday, June 05, 2008

Will "Chad" soon be saying "Can you hear me now?"

Sometimes it's sad when two brands merge and one of their pitchmen has to go. For quite a while we've been treated with the ubiquitous "Can you hear me now" guy from our friends at Verizon while Alltel has given us Chad, the tousle-haired cool boy who makes fools of the geeky guys representing the other brands -- speaking of which, why did they change the chubby guy representing Sprint? Anyway, with the announcement today that Verizon is buying Alltel I wonder whether either or both of the actors in these roles are updating their resumes and calling their agents.

Since Verizon is by far the bigger of the two and their "Can you hear me now" brand is so well known I kind of suspect that Chad's days are numbered. However, if the respective ad agencies decided to work together there could be a whole new series where Chad, being cool and in with cheerleaders could give the CYHMN guy a makeover; get him hooked up with hot girls and together they could take on the geeks from the other phone companies. Also I think that they should keep the "wizard" from Alltel who has been appearing in the latest commercials and together they could rule the mobile universe