Friday, January 04, 2008

How scared should we be?

OK, the Iowa caucuses have spoken and again (according to published reports) the Evangelicals came out in great numbers to support another conservative fellow-traveler, Governor Mike Huckabee. These are the same folks who foisted George W. Bush on an unsuspecting America and look where that's gotten us. Governor Mike has done a nice job pandering to his base while trying not to scare the hell out of the rest of us but if you look beyond the affable, erudite exterior, there's plenty to be scared about. Anybody who believes that dinosaur skeletons were placed by God to test our faith might also believe that God told him to nuke Iran, or Syria or heck, France for that matter. Faith can be a very scary thing in the wrong hands - like the ones in charge of our nuclear arsenal.

Now Romney, on the other hand, despite his Mormon faith, is simply naked ambition. He wants to be president like he might want to be captain of the football team, or prom king. For him, becoming president is just another of life's goals to achieve, and at least THAT we can understand.

So what about Obama? Does he stand a chance? Probably not in the former Confederacy (except maybe Virginia) and surely not in the west except maybe California. His only hope is that zillions of under-30s turn out to vote and we all know how they are.

It's all very disconcerting.