Saturday, June 05, 2010

Irish Butter: what's the deal?

After rescuing my E-VIC email from the spam folder where Gmail had consigned it, I noticed an ad for Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter. At $1.99 for a half pound (or a buck a stick) this didn't seem like such an extraordinary deal unless: 1) Normally, Irish Butter goes for $10 a pound, or 2) There is something so extraordinary about Pure Irish Butter that only a fool would pass this up.

I have been to Ireland and honestly can't remember being mystically transported by Irish butter at the time (as opposed to the Irish brews). I'm skeptical. I figured that I'm probably not the only person to be skeptical so I searched the Internet and sure enough, there is another blogger who wondered the same thing. The main difference between she and I is that she bought the butter and then wondered.

During the Atkins craze about ten years ago. I abandoned margarine for butter and usually buy the unsalted butter that cheapest at HT which usually is HT's house brand. I have been tempted by the European butter that is next to it but can't ever justify buying it. But maybe if I was making shortbread...for the Queen, I might opt for the high end butter someday. Maybe.


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