Saturday, June 05, 2010

Spicing up a chicken sandwich campaign

Chick-fil-A ran a very clever Twitter campaign to introduce their new Spicy chicken sandwich. It was brilliant for a couple reasons: it circulated widely but didn't flood the market with coupons. It also worked because Twitter loyalists are much more likely to actively participate rather than just be passive consumers. I fully expect to be surveyed about my Spicy chicken sandwich experience and will happily tell them how I enjoyed it. It was OK

If you've never been in a Chick-fil-A you have missed one of the great customer service experiences fast food has to offer. All the counter people are apple-cheeked young people who have been expertly trained to take and deliver your order with the utmost courtesy and efficiency. You never have to ask them to repeat anything, even at the drive-thru (which always is in perfect working order). The fact that a Chick-fil-A meal is more expensive than most competitors should come as no surprise.

Today, this nice young woman took my order, accepted my coupon and informed me that I was also entitled to free waffle fries and a drink (not expecting this, whoo hoo!) and that for a mere 30 cents I could have pepper jack cheese on the sandwich too (who can turn down a deal like that?) She gave me my drink and invited me to sit down. They would bring my order out to me when it was ready. But, before I could turn around, somebody called my name and handed me a tray with my food on it.

The sandwich itself was identical to their regular chicken sandwich but redder and spicier and just a little saucier. Like I said above, it was OK. Would I order it again? Maybe...probably. Regardless, it was the campaign that impressed me most so, whoever gets credit for this, take a bow.


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