Friday, March 02, 2007

Time Keeps on Slippin'

You know how it is. You get busy and think: "gee, I'll bet my loyal readers are probably missing the words of wisdom I used to dispense. But, I'm really busy so maybe I'll write a little something tomorrow." Of course, tomorrow never comes and the next thing you know, three months have gone by.

Now the problem is - what do I rail about? Does anyone care that *I* think that NASCAR is getting too complicated? Nope, probably not. Does anyone care that *I* think Alltel should be prohibited from sponsoring any more basketball games until they make a new commercial (I'm all for recycling but, gee guys, you wore us out with that one last year and my thumb is getting sore from switching channels every time I see your commercial). There may be a few basketball fans that would agree with me on this issue. Speaking of basketball, does anyone else think that Billy Packer should be restricted from calling Carolina games? He hates Carolina. He has ALWAYS hated Carolina and he's becoming a bit of a curmudgeon - and not the amusing kind.

Is anyone as tired of hearing from or about political conservatives and evangelicals as I am? You guys had six years of annoying the piss out of the rest of America so how about taking a break? How about, just for once, supporting a candidate who would be good for the country and not just in lock-step with your tiresome issues? You're probably going to have to support either McCain or Giuliani in 2008 so suck it up. Wait, you're not holding out for another Bush are you? That would be way too devious - even for you. If you really want to turn the political process on its head, support Hillary.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: I got an email from our friends at WFDD Public Radio. Seems they're hosting a reception for Bob Edwards here in our fair city on March 5th, complete with food and drink. Now Bob is somewhat of an icon (they say so in the email) and we were all righteously indignant when NPR gave him the boot; however, since finding a home at WUNC in Chapel Hill he has managed to come up with one of the most sincere and gut-wrenchingly TEDIOUS radio shows I have ever tried to suffer through. Initially, I figured that he was new and had a hard time finding interesting guests but as time wears on, no matter how hard Bob emotes, it doesn't distract from the fact that his guests are just...boring. Now, having said that I'm sure there are many earnest people who will disagree with me because when it comes to public radio the more boring, the better, but I betcha there's a bigwig at NPR who is feeling pretty daggoned vindicated right about now.

Darn! Busy again. Soon and very soon,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, big guy. You're sort of a curmudgeon yourself. But the good kind ... really.

10:34 AM  

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