Monday, May 04, 2009

Fox 8 goes weather map crazy

If you happened to be watching Fox 8 on Sunday night, expecting to see Family Guy what you got instead was 30 minutes of Charles Ewing giving us a treatise on how his new weather reporting software works. Long after any danger from a reported tornado had passed we got to see Ewing cursoring over this or that section on the map to illustrate where the "red and green" met - which was supposed to show us something, I think.

I understand that Fox 8 has a responsibility to its viewing public to protect us from threats real and imagined but instead of going back to the show already-in-progress when this weather event was history, they decided to tough it out and let Ewing go on and on showing the same map over and over.

Remembering a time in the past when they preempted the Kentucky Derby to do pretty much the same thing, it occurs to me that weekend producers eager to do something dramatic - prove they have the right stuff - get carried away and apparently, nobody with any real power has the good sense to tell them to knock it off. So I guess I will: knock it off you guys!


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