Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spitzer Wiretap Transcript

The following is a transcript from a Federal Wiretap. Elliot Spitzer is identified as Client 9

VIP: Good morning, VIP services where Very Important People get serviced promptly. Would you like to hear our monthly specials?

Client 9: Uh, no thanks, I'd like to make a reservation.

VIP: That's great! Have you used VIP before?

Client 9: Sure have, this is Elliot Spitzer, the Governor of New York.

VIP: Oh yes, Governor Spitzer, I'm sorry I didn't recognize your voice but I should have known from the Caller-ID. How can we help you today?

Client 9: I'm going to be in DC on the 13th and need some, um...companionship.

VIP: OK, I see that you've requested Ginger most recently; would you like me to check her schedule?

Client 9: Yes, please

VIP: Oh, I'm sorry, Ginger is in Dubai that entire week.

Client 9: How about Karen?

VIP: I'm sorry, we don't have a Karen.

Client 9: Maybe I got the name wrong...petite brunette, great ass, does that thing with her tongue?

VIP: Oh you mean Kristin! She's usually booked for weeks in advance...but let me check...you're in luck, she was going to be off that week but her travel plans fell through. That's the 13th, right?

Client 9: Yeah, in DC at the Mayflower hotel. I'll book her a room in the name of Shirley Smith.

VIP: You understand that you're responsible for the airfare unless you want to provide a private plane?

Client 9: Ha, no problem, I'm the Governor of New York. Just put it on my tab.

VIP: Of course. Do you want us to draft your account again?

Client 9: Yeah, hold on a second [Client 9 is talking to someone else in the room, unintelligible]. Sorry, a governor's business is never done. Do you have that buy two get one free promotion still going on?

VIP: Yes, it's running until the 22nd.

Client 9: Could I pay for a second one now and get, like, you know, two credits?

VIP: I'm sure we could work that out for you. OK, we've got Kristin in DC on the 13th at the Mayflower Hotel under the name of Shirley Smith. Is there anything else we can do for you, today Governor?

Client 9: You do have me down as a no-C preferred, right?

VIP: That's what I have but Kristin doesn't take no-C clients.

Client 9: Well, maybe she'll change her mind for the Governor of New York.

VIP: That's up to you and Kristin, Governor. Anything else today?

Client 9: Nope, that's it. Remember to vote early and often.

VIP: Oh governor, you're such a hoot. Goodbye.



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Nice pic Bob, you're very photogenic! For a man your age you're aging well. And I mean that in a totally hetero way!


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