Wednesday, February 13, 2008

There goes my baby

Well, I never thought I'd see her again. When she left me, we weren't on very good terms. I complained about her all the time and towards the end of our relationship I ignored her and silently cursed her for just taking up space - space I needed for the new love of my life. But today, there she was; looking just like I remembered her. Sure she was a bit older and a little worse for wear but she still moved like she did way back when.

I watched her from a distance as she waited for someone in the parking lot across the street from where I work. For a second I thought about walking over to see her but didn't want one of those awkward moments if the new man in her life happened to come out and I'd have to explain who I was. Whoever he was he probably knew I'd treated her badly - some might say I'd abused her. But on the other hand, it didn't look like he was spending too much money on her either. We guys are all alike: love 'em when they're young and pretty; not so much when they get a little older and their beauty begins to fade.

Anyway, after a while, he came out and they drove away. She obviously wasn't smoking anymore, so that was a good sign that maybe he cared for her. So you're probably wondering: would I take her back if I had the chance? Nah, my new model looks pretty flashy and still turns heads and besides, she's only got 10,000 miles on her.


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