Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Holy Title Loan, Batman!

A couple of nights ago, while dozing in front of my TV I thought I saw the Reverend Al Sharpton shilling for a car title loan company. Nah, I thought, must be my imagination.

But last night I was wide awake when I saw the commercial again and this time it was NOT my imagination (I have witnesses). I have always secretly suspected that the Reverend Al inclined toward the slimeball end of the integrity spectrum and now we have confirmation.

Doing a bit of research about Loanmax, the company Al is shilling for, I found the following : END CAR TITLE LOANS and this from the Center for Responsible Lending. Turns out that this is another abusive lending practice with effective lending rates of upwards of 300%! But there is Al talking about how he is fighting for the common man and implying that when he needs quick cash he goes to Loanmax (that will be the day). Shame on you Al Sharpton!

In the commercial, Al references Virginia and not North Carolina so it's possible that this deceptive lending practice is not available to the common men and women of our fair state.

This from the man who wanted to be President!


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