Thursday, October 20, 2005

Signs of life

There's always some discussion about changing the signs coming into Greensboro to reflect the city's new and dynamic outlook. Here are a few suggestions that get at the heart of what this town's all about.

  1. City of Conflicting Opinions
  2. City on your way to somewhere else
  3. City where progress stopped, took a look around and moved on.
  4. City of denial
  5. Our skyline speaks for itself
  6. Still bigger than Cary
  7. Will trade day jobs for nightlife
  8. Where all the children (in the NW) are above average
  9. Now bypassable from all directions
  10. Just a short commute to the RDU airport
  11. More corporate headquarters than most cities half our size
  12. Biding our time
  13. Tired of pretending were Raleigh or Charlotte
  14. Where Nordstrom is coming next (maybe)
  15. You're never more than two hours away from anything
  16. Jet noise? What jet noise?
  17. Where High Point spills over twice a year
  18. It only looks like we've given up
  19. Where issues come to divide
  20. Fewer murders than last year
  21. If only baseball season were longer
  22. Ground zero of the blogosphere (bloggosphere?)
  23. We'll get around to it sooner or later
  24. Soft on crime but tough on trees
  25. Let us relax our zoning for you
Maybe we can put a few of these on the ballot and get a real firestorm going.


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