Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Where did I go?

Wow, you skedadle out of the "G" for a couple of months and suddenly, everything is changed. Not only do the wags at greensboro101 not seem to know me anymore but they went so far as to remove the link to my previous brilliant postings! As Madelyn Kahn (or was it Jar Jar Binks?) might say: "how wude". Well anyway, I'm back and ready to slay the various dragons that keep rearing their scaly heads over our fair city and deflating the overly pompous self-important types that make Greensboro101.com this nation's greatest source of alternative energy by-products.

I kid because I love.

So what is harshing Greensboro's zeitgeist buzz today? Nothing? Everybody is happy? Whew, what a relief. Greensboro is just as I left it.

So why am I annoyed that Vernon Jordon still exists on MY plane of reality? Why do his minions keep calling my house and leaving cryptic messages on my answering machine? Is there anyone with even the most tenuous hold on sanity actually planning on voting for him or is his campaign some sick joke devised by Dave Chapelle?

I gotta go. More later (if my blog isn't summarily deleted)


Anonymous Greensboro101 Head Wag said...

Welcome back! We remove blogs from Greensboro101 that appear to have gone innactive -- no posts in the past 60 days. You are back on again. Thanks for letting us know of your return.

9:26 AM  

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