Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hate Kids? You'll LOVE Chemnitz

So what's wrong with the Europeans that they aren't having children anymore? According to an article in the BBC Online the entire EU (with the exception of good old Ireland, of course) has seen a major decline in birthrates with Germany leading the pack. The article did not take into account the fact that Germany hosted the World Cup this year and it's certainly possible that people were distracted and just forgot to have sex. This was particularly true in the former East German town of Chemnitz which has it's claim to fame "the lowest birth rate in the world"!

Oh yeah it's easy for us in the States to blame the European men's penchant for carrying purses and wearing what used to be referred to as "pedal pushers"for the drop in the birth rate but the terrible truth is that if it wasn't for those immigrants that the Minutemen are trying so desperately to keep on their side of the border, the U.S. would also have a negative population growth.

Most of my generation is waiting impatiently for our children to "get around" to marrying and reproducing but there are just too many distractions for Gen X and Gen Y so we may be in for a long wait.


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