Thursday, December 15, 2005

Stay Home and Veg Tonight

I was waiting for it: the ominous crrrraaaaaaaaaccccckkkkking sound of branches snapping under the weight of ice that usually heralds an imminent power failure. Luckily, it didn't come. However, the kiddies did get to have an early holiday break and those of us in the employ of the University got a nice little delay. When it comes to freaking-out over weather nobody freaks out like we doFrom where I sit in my ivory tower it doesn't look like the ice is melting off the trees yet and it appears that the promised "highs in the 40s" aint going to happen. In fact, the current forecast is saying "...POTENTIAL FOR DEADLY COMBINATION OF DENSE FOG AND BLACK ICE..."
Hey, you gotta love that!If I were you I'd make sure the liquor cabinet is well stocked and that there are three or four loaves of bread and several gallons of milk on hand. Tonight would be a great night to make a nice dinner, finish those decorating chores you've been putting off, writing the Holiday cards to the people low on your list, maybe building a fire and checking to see if you can find "It's a Wonderful Life" somewhere on TV. If you're the adventurous type who laughs at bad weather, tonight would be the ideal time to hit the stores or go to the movies where the lines for King Kong could theoretically be shorter. But wouldn't you rather veg since you've got such a great opportunity?
It's almost four O'Clock. If you're still at work tell your boss you have a family emergency and have to leave early. He will probably appreciate this because he'd just as soon go home himself.
Becky Sue and I'll see you at HT. Just be careful out there.


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