Friday, June 10, 2005

What was he thinking?

Sometimes President Bush can be so dense. He's pictured on the NY Times site touring the new National Counterterrorism Center and announcing his candidate to head the organization: some old admiral or another. Dude, haven't you been watching "24"? The perfect candidate for the job is obviously (duh) Kiefer Sutherland! With Kiefer in charge terrorism would dry up like a slug in a Morton Salt factory. Kiefer has a way of getting things done in one 24 hour day that would take an army (or rather, navy) of old admirals to do in months or even years. OK, we admit that his decision to personally invade the Chinese embassy last season should have been re-thought but you can blame his writers for that. Now that he's gotten that annoying Audrey off his back (and questioning his every move, we hate her soooo much) he's free to track down terrorists throughout the-world and without any help from the FBI, CIA, NSA or other inept intelligence agency.

I encourage the senate to quickly reject the president's current appointment and confirm Kiefer Sutherland to the post. Osama would turn himself in tomorrow if he thought Kiefer was on his trail.


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